Say Cheese!

I hate having my picture taken. A friend of mine jokes that she’s happy she asked me to be a bridesmaid if only because she ended up with actual photographs of me, some with event a hint of a smile.

While there are always those people who are uncomfortable in front of a camera, I’m someone who just doesn’t ever need to see her own face reflected back at her. I need a mirror for the morning routine of contact lenses, hair and make-up. But after that, I avoid any and all reflective surfaces like the plague.

I spent seven years working for Canada’s largest private broadcaster and spent maybe 15 minutes on television.

Funny thing, then, that I’ve already had to go in front of the camera twice in my still-budding freelance career. The head shots that you see of course were taken by the lovely and talented Helen Tansey.

And last week, I had a photographer at my apartment taking some shots for a story that appears on newsstands Thursday. I won’t leave any more hints beyond this quick pic I took of photographer Tim Fraser. If you want to see more, pick up Thursday’s Toronto Star.