Teachable Moments

I may have forgotten to mention something in my first post, when I wrote about my new life as a freelance writer. There is a second part to all of this, one that really gets me outside my comfort zone and is, quite frankly, the scarier of the two new ventures.

Last weekend, I spent two very long days at the Goodlife Fitness location at the Eaton Centre, training to teach a weight-lifting class called BodyPump. It’s long been my favourite class, and I was inspired by my cousin Angela, who teaches BodyCombat and BodyFlow (while also working as a high school English teacher).

Now, I won a public speaking award in the eighth grade, largely because of a speech my friend Natalie and I performed in poetry-slam style about climate change (yes, you read that correctly). And I’ve done readings at weddings over the years, and even had to give a bridesmaid speech without any advance warning.

But for BodyPump, I have to get on a stage, wear a Britney Spears-esque headset and deliver 10 tracks (songs) of choreography while lifting heavy weights, minus the lip-synching.

Today, I practice teach for the first time. Ever. I’ve practiced my choreography, learned my “lines” and rehearsed in front of the mirror.

It’s showtime. Wish me luck.