Hello! My name is Andrea Janus, and I'm a reporter and editor with more than 15 years of experience working for Canada’s leading media companies, including CBC News, CTV News, Torstar (the Toronto Star, Metro, The Kit) and St. Joseph Media.

You could call me a Jack (or Jackie) of all trades, since I've covered everything from beauty and fashion, to health, to crime and politics. And, truth be told, I love all of it.

I can dig up the hottest skincare innovations from around the world, file thought-provoking stories from a health summit hosted by a prime minister who would rather the media not be in attendance, and make sense of a 500-page government budget for readers who just want the facts, ma'am.

I have well-honed writing and editing skills, a keen eye for detail, an ability to multi-task and a commitment to meet deadlines fast and with enthusiasm. I am a driven self-starter who can work independently or collaborate on group projects.

Whether you're looking for a writer, a copy-editor, a consultant for your editorial start-up project or some straight-up, old-fashioned reporting, I'm up to the task.

I look forward to putting my love of storytelling, excellent news judgment, social media savvy and broad network of contacts to work for you.

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